Big Tech Is the Scariest Thing of All

I used to use Google as my internet search engine.  I switched from Google to Yahoo because Google scared me.  How?  This is how.  When I searched the internet for selections and reviews of cameras I was considering purchase, something scary happened.  My internet searches (for anything) contained advertisements for the cameras and camera sellers that I had clicked on.  Then something scarier happened.  My wife’s internet searches (for anything) contained those same advertisements.  Holy cow!  My wife and I had separate computers and tablets and smart phones, separate internet accounts, and separate wireless carrier accounts; the only thing we had in common was that we both used Google as our internet search engines.

When I switched from Google to Yahoo, Yahoo scared me.  When I searched the internet for selections and reviews of fountain pens I was considering for purchase, the same scary thing happened to me (this time, for fountain pens and fountain pen sellers) when I searched the internet for anything.

This is my story.  I’m confident this is everyone’s story.  I’m scared.  I’m confident everyone should be scared.

But everyone is not scared.  And that’s the scariest thing of all.

Will a real-life John and Sarah Connor save us from the real-life Skynet of today?  May The Terminator movie franchise wake us from our hypnosis.

May humanity prevail over Big Tech.

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