Bernie Sanders and Real Politics

On Sunday May 23, 2021, Bernie Sanders appeared on television to reveal an extraordinarily malign situation: “there are people in the Israeli government now who are overt racists.”  Overt racists in government?  Oh my God!  Who knew?

Let’s try to understand the full import of Bernie Sanders revelation, by asking a simple question: Why did Bernie Sanders’ revelation fail to also mention overt racists in the governments of Hamas and the PLO?

Does anybody believe that Bernie Sanders is unfamiliar with the overt racism proudly preached by Hamas and the PLO in their founding documents?  Why hasn’t Bernie Sanders distributed a copy of the “Hamas Covenant 1988” and a copy of the “Palestinian National Charter” with his campaign literature?  Why hasn’t Bernie Sanders appeared on television to reveal the existence of overt racists in those governments?

Everybody knows (but might not admit knowing) the answer to the above question: Bernie Sanders’ revelation fails to mention overt racists in the governments of Hamas and the PLO, because Bernie Sanders accumulates power and wealth by selling himself to his constituents.

Bernie Sanders’ revelation is Real Politics.  It’s the way all too many politicians accumulate power and wealth: By any means necessary.

In the movie Casablanca, Captain Renault says “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”  Many people are amused by that line.  Many people might be equally amused by Bernie Sanders’ revelation about overt racists in government.

But our lives and our county are real, not a movie.  We should be upset and scared by Bernie Sanders’ revelation — not amused by it.  Why?  Because it’s proof positive that the people who control our lives and fortunes manipulate us.

We’re manipulated with half-truths, false promises, and outright lies.  For all too long, we’ve waited for Barak Obama to close Guantanamo, for Adam Schiff to disclose his proof that President Trump colluded with Russia, for Nancy Pelosi to tell us who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt, for the Ohio National Guard to tell us why it shot and killed Allison Krause and Jeffrey Miller and Sandra Scheuer and William Knox Schroeder, and for anybody to tell us why 58,000+ of our loved ones had to die in Vietnam.

Only masochists elect and re-elect politicians who pray at the altar of Real Politics.  We should stop doing that, Now!

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