America’s Tower of Babel

Genesis 11.1 teaches the lesson of the Tower of Babel.  It begins “Everyone on earth had the same language and the same words.”  It ends “That is why it was called Babel, because there the Lord confounded the speech of the whole earth; and from there the Lord scatted them over the face of the whole earth.”

America is the new Babel.  It began with everyone having the same language and the same words.  Now speech in America is confounded.

Ask twenty people to define the following language and words, and you’ll get twenty-five different definitions for each — racist, fascist, liberal, conservative, fair, equity, justice, unity, democracy, voter fraud, gender, national borders, journalism, government ethics, innocent until proven guilty, unreasonable search and seizure, free speech, and good education for our children.

We no longer talk with one another; we talk at one another.  We no longer listen to what others say; as others speak, we await an opportunity to speak.  We preach opinions; we call them facts.  We call other peoples’ behavior all sorts of names such as racist; when we engage in the same behavior, we call it justice.  When other people discriminate based on skin color, we call it racism; when we do the same, we call it equity.  At home, we teach our children that all men are created equal; in the classroom, we teach our children that Blacks and Whites are not equal.

Words mean whatever we want them to mean, with meanings changing faster than the speed of light.  Independence Day means both July 4, 1776 and 1619.  Federal immigration law means both law and anarchy.  White privilege means both privilege and shame.  Apartheid means both a society that does not allow a minority to participate in government and a society that does allow a minority to participate in government.  Self defense means both defense and offense.  People mean both non-human entities created by government and human beings created by God.  Speech means both speech and money.  Unity no longer means unity.  “I promise” means all sorts of things.  The People’s House no longer is accessible by We the People.

The Fourth Estate lost the capacity to express itself, without including at least one of the following: racist, liar, slam, amazing, Meghan and Harry, unnamed source, the name of a Hollywood celebrity, or a photo of a woman’s breasts.

Inner city high school diploma lost its meaning.  Inner city crime lost its meaning.

We don’t understand one another.  We don’t talk with one another.  We know it’s getting worse.  We know Deplorables and the woke community both are Americans.  Or do we?  Is Babel here to stay?

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