America’s Most Important War

The most important war America ever fought is being fought now.  It’s the war over the hearts and minds of our children.  It’s the war that will decide who has the power and authority to raise our children.  Will it be parents or teacher unions?

In the 1980s, I moved to an upscale northeast suburb reputed to have a good public school system for my children.  I took an interest in the school system.  Imagine my surprise when I read the contract between the school board and the teacher union.  Under the contract heading “Rights and Responsibilities of Teachers”, the list of Rights was filled with specifics, but the list of Responsibilities was empty.  Literally empty.

The debate about charter schools has been ongoing for some time.  As the debate lingers on, inner city high school diplomas are becoming less valuable than the paper they’re written on.  The lack of a skilled workforce is one of Apple’s explanations for sending countless jobs to China.

The debate about parochial schools has been ongoing for some time.  Some time ago, I read an article about Catholic schools in our inner cities.  Inner city Catholic school graduates were on a path to success.  Inner city public school graduates were not.

When my daughter entered fifth grade, her teacher distributed a forty-page math assignment on the first day.  There were fifty math problems on each side of every page.  The assignment was due the day before Thanksgiving recess.  I was concerned that my daughter didn’t begin until the day before the due date, but she assured me that there was no reason for concern.  When my daughter brought home an “A+”, I was surprised.  How could she have done it?  She explained.  She knew her teacher was lazy, and preferred skiing to analyzing homework.  Upon return from skiing on Thanksgiving, the teacher distributed the homework and told the students to grade each other’s homework.  The teacher stood in front of the class and gave the answer to every math problem.  The students graded each other’s homework.  There were a lot of “A”s and “A+”s.

My children’s teachers and I taught them that Whites and Blacks are equal.  My son won town-wide first place for his Martin Luther King, Jr. Day essay, which was awarded to him in a Jewish synagogue by a Black woman member of the Board of Education.  Blacks and Whites being equal was ingrained in our children.  Today, teachers teach that Blacks and White are different, that Whites are born bad.  Today, our children will turn out differently.  How can I be sure?  I can be sure, because that’s exactly what teacher unions promise today.  Parents who disagree are incarcerated and silenced.

How did teacher unions get this power?  They pay for it with political contributions, big time.  Hitler taught his version of ethics (Jews are bad) to Germany’s children.  Our children must not be taught Whites are bad; they must be taught labels are bad.  They must be taught all men are created equal.  America’s most important war is now.

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