American Exceptionalism

American Exceptionalism!  It’s long been our badge of honor.  It’s the Blue Ribbon that’s decorated our hearts and minds for longer than any of us can remember.  It’s the reason why we re-elect our politicians with near-guaranteed certainty.  They earn it, every day, year-in and year-out, for far less compensation than they could earn in the private sector.  We owe them permanent control over our lives and property, as an expression of our gratitude.  Without them, how would we be able to trust our government, our Fourth Estate, and our fellow Americans?

Oops!  Wait a minute.  Is any of that true?  Don’t we distrust our government, our Fourth Estate, and half of our fellow Americans?

Who’s responsible?  All of us say half of us are.  Who can fix things?  All of us say only half of us can.  Who lies, cheats, steals, maligns, and discriminates?  All of us say half of us do.  Who is a true American?  All of us say only half of us are.

This is the gift we’ve been given by those who control our lives and property.  Along with inner city schools that fail our children year-in and year-out.  Along with politicians believing our elections are corrupt, and officially objecting to the results of our Presidential elections in 2000, 2004, 2016, and 2020.  Along with Seattle ceding part of its territory to an armed group of unidentified people, and assisting the group in establishing an autonomous zone unencumbered by law.  Along with politicians telling us all day every day that our nation is controlled by unethical, dishonest, incompetent, racist politicians.

We should believe them.  Politicians know more about politicians than any of us know.  They live together, work together, party together, divvy up our money together, and control our lives together.

So far, none of it has caught our attention in any meaningful way.  We tell our politicians that we really don’t care very much about any of it.  We almost always re-elect almost all of them.  What message does that send to them?  Loud and clear!

We’re content with the way things are, with the way things are headed.  That’s the reality of American Exceptionalism today.

May we one day soon return to the American Exceptionalism of yesterday.

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