America Is At a Tipping Point

America has survived internal division, has come together, time and time again.  Of course there was the Civil War, but there were other challenges too.  The Fourth Estate joined with We the People to overcome those challenges: Joseph McCarthy, Jim Crow, Vietnam, Richard Nixon.  The Fourth Estate joined with We the People to defend our Bill of Rights and our unalienable Rights endowed by our Creator.

Over time, however, the Fourth Estate found more in common with those who challenge We the People than with We the People.  The Fourth Estate became part of our challenge.  In furtherance of its own self-interest.  Leaving We the People behind.  Heading for greener pastures (“green” being the key).

Politicians always will be politicians, as President George Washington warned in his Farewell Address.  But the Fourth Estate too?  The challenge became overwhelming.

So, here we are.  We the People, alone.  America, at a tipping point.  We should take stock of where we are, so we can be better prepared to find our way home.  So we can be better prepared to avoid what happened to other nations challenged by a tipping point: Russia, China, Korea, Cuba, Iran.

This is where we are.  We build a monument on our National Mall to honor the memory of a man who preached against judging people by the color of their skin, and we inaugurate a President who preaches in favor of judging people by the color of their skin.  We see courthouses, police precincts, and businesses in flames and dead bodies on the streets across America for a year, and we listen to the Fourth Estate tell us that what we see are mostly peaceful protests.  Our leaders raise our children with their personal morality, and the FBI surveils and takes action against parents who prefer to raise their children with their personal morality.  We listen as the CDC tells us that every man, woman, and child who is not vaccinated and masked against COVID is a national health risk, and we listen as the CDC tells us that two million unvaccinated and unmasked illegal aliens are not a national health risk.

Civil society cannot exist without the existence of society.  Society cannot exist without the existence of a social compact.  We don’t have a social compact.  The only thing on which we agree is that we don’t trust or respect our leaders or the Fourth Estate.

Like King George III, our President rules by Executive Order.  The Fourth Estate publishes factually false “news”, and silences its critics by labelling them racists.  Our leaders teach our children to hate our Founding Fathers.  Our newest Supreme Court Justice testifies that she doesn’t know what a woman is, because she’s not a biologist.  The Speaker of the House of Representatives shreds our State of the Union Address behind our President’s back, as our President addresses We the People.

America most certainly is at a tipping point.

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