All The World’s A Stage

In As You Like It, William Shakespeare wrote “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”.  That was 400 years ago.  it’s still true, in the world of public figures (the “players”).

Why did Nancy Pelosi go to Taiwan in August 2022?  Do you think she wanted to convey the message that America has the power and determination to not let China invade Taiwan (or not let China do anything else)?  You can stop laughing.

Nancy Pelosi and her fellow players do what they do for power and/or money … for no other reason.

The mid-term elections are approaching.  Nancy Pelosi can read polls as well or better than anyone.  She wants to change the headlines.  She wants people talking about something other than what she and her fellow players have done to America.

Abracadabra … let’s go to Taiwan.  And let’s kill a 70-year-old terrorist in the ISIS organization that President Trump defeated.  There you have it … Act I and Act II.  New headlines, with the Fourth Estate being the Playbill.

What will Act III be?  The players don’t give a hoot.

If Act III is war with China, the military-industrial complex won’t complain.

If Act III is winter with no oil for home furnaces, investors in green energy won’t complain.

If Act III is no antibiotics from China, Big Pharma won’t complain.

If Act III is inner-city children who can’t read or do math, teacher unions won’t complain.

No matter what Act III turns out to be, Nancy Pelosi’s husband probably will be busy picking stock market winners and losers with extraordinary success.  He won’t have time to notice the drug-ridden homeless sprawl near his gated community.

Willie Sutton said he robbed banks “because that’s where the money is.”  He “lived in the moment.”  He didn’t fear getting caught.  He didn’t give a hoot about Act III.  The players are just like him.

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