Abortion.  Say the word, and watch out.  Saying it is like setting a match to a gas tank.  It’s impossible to discuss abortion without hate exploding?  Why is that?

Pause a moment, and ask yourself why.  Deep in your inner self, you know why.  You know it’s because abortion is the voluntary taking of human life.  And that’s no small matter.

From that inescapable truth, political paths diverge.  Some cry “my body, my choice”, as others cry “abortion is murder”.  But there’s no divergence among those aborted; they all cry.  As do many who abort, and live to regret.

Morality is God.  Politics is man.  The politics of abortion is man gone mad.

There are more politicians and pundits who are self-proclaimed legal scholars, than all the legal scholars in the world.

The self-proclaimed legal scholars cry “Roe v. Wade” gives women the right to abort for any or no reason, at any time up to the instant of birth.  Yet they fail to disclose any quotation from “Roe v. Wade” or other judicial decision that proves their cry is true.  In their heart of hearts, they know no such quotation exists.

Pause a moment more.  Set legalism aside.  Even set morality aside.  Instead, focus on common sense.

Why are they on a crusade against Texas’ new law that prohibits abortions after a heartbeat is detected?  Why aren’t they pleased as punch that Texas allows them to abort for any or no reason at any time up to a heartbeat?

Any woman who is raped, the victim of incest, medically or psychologically unfit for childbirth, or simply does not want to give birth is allowed by the new Texas law to terminate her actual or potential pregnancy.  She lawfully can do so painlessly, privately, inexpensively, and without surgical intervention, merely by taking a Plan B pill after intercourse.  Or, of course, she can refrain from unprotected intercourse.

Abracadabra!  The political abortion debate serves no purpose.  Except, of course, to enrich the abortion industry and politicians.

Abortion always will be a serious moral issue.  There is no Plan B pill for that.

And politicians always will be politicians.  There is no Plan B pill for that.

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