Not Everyone Thinks Like You

Our children fill college football stadiums with roars of “Fuck Joe Biden”.  Think about it.

Joe Biden thinks America’s allies are pleased with the way he withdrew from Afghanistan, even though the United Kingdom’s Parliament held him in contempt and called what he did “catastrophic” and “shameful”.

Joe Biden thinks his authorization of Russia’s Nord Steam 2 pipeline is not inconsistent with his cancellation of America’s Keystone XL pipeline (which he says would be an existential threat to the environment).

Joe Biden thinks his construction of Tajikistan’s border wall is not inconsistent with his cancellation of America’s southern border wall (which he says is racist).

Joe Biden is just one of the “special people”.

Bill de Blasio thinks his COVID-19 policy (banning mothers without face masks from entering stores to buy food and medicine for their children) is not inconsistent with his joining other “special people” at a $30,000 per person gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art without face masks.

Mark Milley thinks the wealth of money taken from American taxpayers has bought and paid for the mightiest and most effective fighting force in the world.

Randi Weingarten thinks it’s in our children’s best interest to be taught that all White babies are different from all Black babies at the moment of birth.

Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom think we believe what they say about COVID-19, even though they unabashedly disobey face mask mandates that they impose on our children.

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Randi Weingarten, Mark Milley, Bill de Blasio, and other “special people” who look like them and hold the reins of power, think we believe them when they say equity demands that the reins of power must be held by people who don’t look like them.

Joe Biden thinks we believe his story about his being arrested in South Africa as he tried to visit Nelson Mandela in prison.

Joe Biden thinks we believe his story that he doesn’t know anything about the overseas business activities of his son Hunter Biden.

If you don’t think like “special people” do, it’s your “right” and your “duty” to join the roars in college football stadiums.  That’s exactly what our Declaration of Independence says.

Open Letter to Pope Francis

Your Holiness,

Pope John Paul II excommunicated Bishop Marcel Lefebvre for his behavior that was inconsistent with Catholic principles.  Mere preaching against Bishop Marcel Lefebvre’s behavior could not adequately nourish Catholics’ faith that Catholic principles are precious.  Actions speak louder than words.

The sanctity of human life is a core Catholic principle.

On September 15, 2021, Your Holiness preached that abortion “is more than a problem, it is a murder … whoever performs an abortion kills, any way you look at it.”

Yet Your Holiness has not excommunicated any Catholic politician for legislating or advocating abortion for any or no reason at any time up to the instant of birth.  For legislating or advocating the requirement that Catholic taxpayers pay for abortions.  For legislating or advocating the requirement that Catholic churches, schools, hospitals, doctors, and nurses provide abortion services.

And Your Holiness has not excommunicated any Catholic bishop or priest for knowingly serving Holy Communion to those Catholic politicians.

And Your Holiness has not instructed Catholic bishops and priests to refrain from knowingly serving Holy Communion to those Catholic politicians.

And, if Your Holiness excommunicated those Catholic politicians, bishops, and priests, Your Holiness would save countless human lives from murder each year.

And, if Your Holiness instructed Catholic bishops and priests to refrain from knowingly serving Holy Communion to those Catholic politicians, Your Holiness would save countless human lives from murder each year.

May Your Holiness soon act to adequately nourish Catholics’ faith that Catholic principles are precious.  Humanity needs Catholicism.

A Lesson For Our Children

It’s September 16, 2021.  Where are we?  Who are we?  Is there a we?  People who rule our lives and fortunes daily call people who disagree with them every foul, malicious, hateful name in the book.  Historians will take note.  Our children already take note.

Our children sing music with lyrics that soothes the souls of rapists, racists, and insurrectionists.  Our children play video games that praise blood and gore as fun.  Our children become gang members and slaughter each other daily.  Our children know they are not allowed to vote, but are allowed to participate in a no-questions-asked needle exchange.  People who rule our lives and fortunes worked hard to achieve this, and call people who disagree every foul, malicious, hateful name in the book.

People who rules our lives and fortunes report the news to our children by prominently featuring photographs of barely-clad people and sagas of their sex and drug lives.  By prominently featuring falsehoods and opinions clothed as news.  By  prominently quoting people who rule our lives and fortunes, when they call people who disagree with them every foul, malicious, hateful name in the book.

People who rule our lives and fortunes teach our children about the law by flaunting the law, enacting laws that explicitly do not apply to them, and by violating laws with the knowledge that they will not be held accountable.  They do this not only furtively, but also openly and with bravado.  They call people who disagree every foul, malicious, hateful name in the book.

Foul, malicious, hateful name-calling is not fertile ground for we.  It poisons the possibility of we.  We all agree is that there is no we.  Not now.  Will there ever be?

The Pope recently said “Abortion is more than an issue.  Abortion is homicide … Those people who are not in the community cannot take Communion, because they are out of the community.  It is not a punishment: Communion is linked to the community.”  Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi say the Pope is wrong; they say they are entitled to take Communion, in spite of the fact that they use the power of their political offices to ardently advocate and legalize abortion at any time for any or no reason up to the instant of birth.  Followers of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi call followers of the Pope every foul, malicious, hateful name in the book.

If we existed, followers of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi politely would present their explanation of why they think the Pope fails to understand Catholicism.  If we existed, people who rule our lives and fortunes politely would present all their explanations, instead of calling people who disagree every foul, malicious, hateful name in the book.

May we all soon join hands in unity, and make this a lesson for our children.

Domestic Terrorism

Domestic Terrorism.  It’s a greater threat than Middle East terrorism.

That what the people who rule our lives and fortunes claim all day every day.  Why?  Is it true?  Or is it like their claims about Ho Chi Minh’s Vietnam, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, and President Donald J. Trump’s collusion with Russia?

It seems as if they make claims so they can misdirect our attention — so they can defocus us from observing what’s before our eyes and ears.  So they can defocus us from the holy mess they’ve created.  So they can defocus us from thinking either they don’t have any idea how to fix the holy mess, or they don’t want to fix the holy mess.

Yet, we’re good people.  We don’t want to think bad thoughts about anyone, especially not about the people who rule our lives and fortunes.  Instead of thinking their claim about Domestic Terrorism is purposely false, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.  Let’s assume they truly believe Domestic Terrorism is America’s greatest national security threat.

Where does that leave us?  Well, it quite simply leaves us with the fact that the people who rule our lives and fortunes truly believe a large number of Americans’ hate them and want to kill them.

Wow!  That’s what the people who rule our lives and fortunes truly believe?  Yup, exactly that.

There’s no other explanation for their all day every day claim of Domestic Terrorism.  There’s no other explanation for the President and the Speaker of the House deploying for months a seven-foot-high metal fence topped with razor-wire and tens of thousands of armed military personnel around our nation’s Capitol on the eve of the President’s inauguration.  There’s no other explanation for the President threatening to use F-15 fighter jets and nuclear weapons against Americans who believe in the Second Amendment.

Can our nation survive, when the people who rule our lives and fortunes live in fear of us?  When the people who rule our lives and fortunes barricade and arm themselves against us, and spy on us?  In the name of National Security?

Who are these so-called Domestic Terrorists?  Do they have names, or are they simply everyone who is dissatisfied with the people who rule our lives and fortunes?

Something very bad is about to happen.  Unless something very good happens first.  We can feel it in the air.  It’s a lesson history long has been teaching.  May the people who rule our lives and fortunes learn the lesson very soon.

Treason in America

The Declaration of Independence declares American’s faith in “unalienable Rights”.  The Constitution declares America’s purpose to be “a more perfect Union”.  The Bill of Rights declares America’s goal of freedom from evil government.  These founding documents express the founding principles of the United States of America

These founding documents are humble; the Constitution provides for Amendments.  The United States of America is humble; it has amended the Constitution many times, in pursuit of “a more perfect Union”.

Americans are grateful for these founding documents, and Americans revere them.  Americans teach them to their children.  Americans rely on them, and rely on the wisdom and nourishment they provide.

Americans express their love for them by covering their hearts with their hands as they pledge allegiance to the American Flag, by standing when they sing the National Anthem, by raising their voices to sing God Bless America, and by seeking “a more perfect Union” — by means such as the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th Amendments, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, and a national holiday and a memorial on the National Mall honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

Americans never — not ever — seek to erase America’s founding documents from the hearts and minds of America’s children, from history itself.  No!  Americans absolutely, positively, without any doubt whatsoever, never do that.  Not unless they are traitors, hell bent on treason.  As is happening now.

Benedict Arnold’s disciples now rule our lives and fortunes.  This is not hyperbole.  This is fact.  The litany of their purposeful lawlessness is long.  It not only has been identified by numerous judicial rulings, but it is obvious to the naked eye.  But their purposeful lawlessness is mere evidence of their treason.  Beyond their purposeful lawlessness is their absolutely, positively clear and purposeful treason.

On January 20, 2021, a date which will live in infamy, Joe Biden signed Executive Order 13985.  Implementing his Order included having the National Archives censor the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.  It placed a Warning Label atop its online collection of America’s historical documents: “Harmful Language Alert”.  It was a giant step by the people who rule our lives and fortunes as they proudly cancel what they call America’s “racist” Founding Fathers, undo what they call America’s “racist” founding principles, and re-write what they call America’s “racist” history.

When Americans censor the founding documents of the United States of America, that’s treason — by definition.

Joe Biden is guilty.  They’re all guilty.


When you’re alone, where noone can hear you or see you, in the dark of the night, too awake to sleep, what do you imagine?  Do you imagine God?  Country?

With his song “Imagine”, John Lennon sought to divest us of such thoughts: “Imagine there’s no heaven … No hell below us, Above us only sky … Imagine there’s no countries … And no religion too”.  Although not entirely successful, his success is pervasive.

The people who control our lives and fortunes proudly preach against the Catholic Church and America’s flag and national anthem.  Even to the point of Harvard University appointing an atheist as its head chaplain for our children.

In his presidential campaign against President Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan famously asked America “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”

That’s the question we should ask ourselves now.

Ask ourselves why they took away E Pluribus Unum, freedom of speech, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, equal protection under the law, and One Person One Vote.

Ask ourselves who gets the billion dollars that a presidential candidate spends, why a $500 payment to a building inspector is met with a jail term and a $5,000,000 payment to a presidential candidate is met with an ambassadorship, and why we pay attention to “news” that we say we don’t trust.

Ask ourselves why Hunter Biden and his father Joe get a free pass.

Ask ourselves why the military-industrial complex has been the only winner in every war since World War II, and why the body-count of our loved ones is missing from its ledger.

Ask ourselves why we re-elect and re-elect politicians who we say we do not trust or respect, who we say do not represent us to our satisfaction.

Ask ourselves why the President and the Speaker of the House believe they have the authority to demand that the Catholic Church re-write its core doctrine in their image.

Ask ourselves why nobody was convicted of anything for assassinating Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller, Sandra Scheuer, and William Knox Schroeder at Kent State University.

When you’re alone, where noone can hear you or see you, in the dark of the night, too awake to sleep, how do you answer the question?  How would you like to be able to answer the question?  What do you imagine?


Abortion.  Say the word, and watch out.  Saying it is like setting a match to a gas tank.  It’s impossible to discuss abortion without hate exploding?  Why is that?

Pause a moment, and ask yourself why.  Deep in your inner self, you know why.  You know it’s because abortion is the voluntary taking of human life.  And that’s no small matter.

From that inescapable truth, political paths diverge.  Some cry “my body, my choice”, as others cry “abortion is murder”.  But there’s no divergence among those aborted; they all cry.  As do many who abort, and live to regret.

Morality is God.  Politics is man.  The politics of abortion is man gone mad.

There are more politicians and pundits who are self-proclaimed legal scholars, than all the legal scholars in the world.

The self-proclaimed legal scholars cry “Roe v. Wade” gives women the right to abort for any or no reason, at any time up to the instant of birth.  Yet they fail to disclose any quotation from “Roe v. Wade” or other judicial decision that proves their cry is true.  In their heart of hearts, they know no such quotation exists.

Pause a moment more.  Set legalism aside.  Even set morality aside.  Instead, focus on common sense.

Why are they on a crusade against Texas’ new law that prohibits abortions after a heartbeat is detected?  Why aren’t they pleased as punch that Texas allows them to abort for any or no reason at any time up to a heartbeat?

Any woman who is raped, the victim of incest, medically or psychologically unfit for childbirth, or simply does not want to give birth is allowed by the new Texas law to terminate her actual or potential pregnancy.  She lawfully can do so painlessly, privately, inexpensively, and without surgical intervention, merely by taking a Plan B pill after intercourse.  Or, of course, she can refrain from unprotected intercourse.

Abracadabra!  The political abortion debate serves no purpose.  Except, of course, to enrich the abortion industry and politicians.

Abortion always will be a serious moral issue.  There is no Plan B pill for that.

And politicians always will be politicians.  There is no Plan B pill for that.

Common Sense

In Common Sense, Thomas Paine warned: “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right”.  His warning is long forgotten.

I’m not talking not about our rulers being wrong about a particular policy or ideology.  I’m talking about our rulers being wrong about the relationship between them and us.  I’m talking about President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: “government of the people, by the people, for the people”.

Setting President Abraham Lincoln aside, our rulers rule us in the darndest way.

They put us in jail when we give a building inspector $100, but they reward us handsomely when we give them $1,000,000.  They promise to never abridge our freedom of speech, but they authorize and assist big tech to do so.  They impose fossil fuel mileage standards on the cars we use to drive to work and to the doctor, but not on their private jets and yachts.  They arrest us and expel us from our children’s school board meetings when we don’t wear face masks during the coronavirus pandemic, but they don’t wear face masks when they think noone’s watching.

We lost our homes and jobs during the Great Recession they created.  They kept their homes and jobs, and, on the cheap, they bought what we used to own.

They throw us in jail for offenses of little consequence, but they didn’t throw Ted Kennedy in jail for killing Mary Jo Kopechne and fleeing the scene, or Kevin Clinesmith for altering evidence presented to the FISA Court, or Hunter Biden for you know what, or anyone for assassinating Allison Krause and Jeffrey Miller and Sandra Scheuer and William Knox Schroeder at Kent State University.

They told us they knew Iraq had launched the attack on our World Trade Center, and Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that it was preparing to use against us.  They told us our self-preservation required us to invade the Middle East.  They told us we would be greeted as liberators.  They sent thousands of us to our death, and sent tens of thousands of Middle Easterners to their death.  After 20 years of war, they retreated and left Middle East terrorists with tens of billions of dollars of our high tech military weapons, airports, military installations, and embassy.  They left many of us behind.  And they transferred trillions of our dollars to their military-industrial complex.

They replaced “One Person, One Vote” with George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, teacher unions, big tech, cable news, Hollywood, the unlimited right to give unlimited amounts of money to an unlimited numbers of politicians, and the right of anyone with a pencil to vote as often as possible.  They tell us anyone who complains is a racist and a fascist.

We accept the superficial appearance of our rulers as “of, by, for the people”.  In Common Sense, Thomas Paine warned us.  What happened to our common sense?

American Pie

We didn’t listen to Don McLean’s “American Pie”.  We let the music die.

We declared an unaccomplished unworthy unwell person to be the President of the United States of America, following his decision to remain in his basement rather than campaign for the Presidency.

We applaud our government for advocating against racial equality, free speech, enforcement of existing laws, free exercise of religion (specifically Catholicism), and educating our inner-city children.

We authorize our government to give multi-billionaire owners of private companies the right to censor what we say and what we read, to censor what we know about political candidates and issues.

We re-elect and re-elect politicians, as we declare them to be unworthy of our trust or our respect.

We accept whatever our government does, without holding it accountable for anything.

We give our government all the money it demands, without asking for a forensic accounting.

We encourage corporations and billionaires to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence State and local elections in other peoples’ home States.

We create laws that say the flood of money in politics is existentially different than bribery.

We pretend that billion-dollar Presidential campaigns are necessary and democratic.

We rely on experts to tell us the difference between good and bad, to tell us what’s good for us, and to tell us what to think.

We hold the fourth estate in high esteem, free to publish anything based on undisclosed sources, free to amalgamate fact and fiction and opinion, free to publish classified information, free to defame, and free of liability.

We grant pollsters and the press the power to influence the outcome of our elections by publishing polling results and election predictions, whether or not based on fact.

We idolize Cardi B, Roman Polanski, and Joanne Chesimard, and welcome fentanyl.

We let the music die.

Questions for Joe Biden about Afghanistan

When you said you have not heard of any criticism from America’s allies, were you being serious or were you trying to be funny?

When you said the events on the ground were proceeding as you planned, were you being serious or were you trying to be funny?

Do you think any of the following events were caused by America’s unconditional surrender to the Taliban, leaving behind hostages and intelligence and weapons?

  • Palestinians in Gaza throwing explosives across the border at Israelis
  • Cyberattack breach against America’s of Department of State
  • Cyberattack breach against America’s Department of Defense
  • Shipment of oil by Iran to Lebanon, contrary to existing sanctions against Iran
  • Statements by political leaders in Great Britain and France, denouncing America and America’s President in the strongest possible language
  • Members of NATO declaring the demise of NATO
  • America’s Department of Homeland Security increasing the Homeland Threat Assessment

America’s retreat from Vietnam was a retreat from a nation that wanted to be left alone.  After America’s surrender, Vietnam became America’s largest trade-partner in Southeast Asia.  American businesses invest in Vietnam.  American tourists vacation in Vietnam.

America’s retreat from Afghanistan is existentially different.  it is an unconditional retreat from a jihad that wants to destroy America — a jihad made exquisitely clear on September 11, 2001.  It is an unconditional-surrender retreat that announces to the world that America cannot be trusted to keep its promises, disdains its allies, and is willing to sacrifice its citizens and intelligence and weapons in exchange for nothing.

What does Joe Biden think the Taliban will do next?  What does he think its end-game goals are?  Does he think?  Can he think?

What are China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel thinking?

Joe Biden said he will bring tens of thousands of Afghan refugees to America “because that’s who we are … it exemplifies the best of America”.  Really?  That’s not what he said to the Cuban refugees who he forces back to Cuba.

“Really?” is the only rational response to anything and everything that Joe Biden says and does.  But, we should not laugh.  It’s not funny.  We should pray for him, and we should pray for ourselves.  He needs God’s help.  We need God’s help.  Really!